Plans for The Electric Cinema take next step forward

Central Station Street

Glenbrook, the leaseholder for 43-45, 47, 51-55 Station Street, including The Electric Cinema and nearby buildings (excluding The Crown and The Old Rep), recently held a public consultation on a project called ‘Central Station Street.’

The public consultation was held on May, 16 and discussed the revitalisation of The Electric Cinema, which will include adding screens, a food and beverage area, an exhibition space for Birmingham films, and areas for temporary events and activities.

A spokesperson from a ‘Save Station Street’ page said: “We are pleased with the recent announcement of funding from BFI & John Feeney Trust for a truly independent feasibility study co-ordinated by the wonderful people at Flatpack Festival. We remain sceptical about Glenbrook’s plans for The Electric. It’s good that Glenbrook is talking about passionate advocates and I hope today helps clarify that The Electric still needs to be The Electric come to the end of this process.

“There may be improvements and additions, tweaks and expansions but it must retain much of the fabric, grandeur, magic and generations of history the venue has developed organically over more than a century. We expect much more detail to come forward from Glenbrook in the near future and will be demanding nothing short of excellence for any proposals. The Electric is the UK’s oldest cinema and any proposals need to enshrine that it can still legitimately be called that.”

Recognising The Electric Cinema’s cultural importance to Birmingham, Glenbrook plans to collaborate with local partners, including those in the cultural and film industries, to develop a plan for The Electric.

It will also include residential units in a tall building to support the necessary private investment for The Electric’s future and to increase footfall and activity on Station Street, although the exact height and specifications are not yet decided.

Detailed proposals are still in the early stages.