Birmingham entrepreneur launches bucket list inspired business

A unique start-up business is set to launch a subscription box that promises an experience that is the first of its kind in the UK.

Birmingham entrepreneur Daniel Bridgewater, 24, who set up his first business when he was 19, created Buckt, a subscription box inspired by the idea of a bucket list following heartbreak.

Daniel, who is also a trustee for Uprising and on the chair of governors for Merritts Brook Academy, explained: “I broke up with my long-term girlfriend and I was down in the dumps. I started to write a bucket list because I wanted to think about the future and I wanted stuff to look forward to.

“That process was therapeutic and I did some research into it, finding out the different reasons why people have bucket lists.”

Buckt will deliver several activities in a subscription box to members each month. Each box will include tickets to top attractions, discounts on higher end bucket list activities, invitations to unique and obscure events and money-can’t-buy bucket list challenges.

Tickets will include events and activities, like yoga, wine tasting, cricket matches, ice hockey games and paintballing. Whereas discounts will include the likes of bungee jumping, skydiving, Michelin star restaurants and various nights in hotels across the UK.

Invitations will be raising awareness of things that people may not be necessarily aDan Bridgewaterware of, like arts and crafts festivals, small gigs and charities and ‘money can’t buy’ challenges will include tasks like developing a skill, researching family history and other unique ideas that people may not have thought to do before and how to do them.

The company, which states that its mission is ‘to make people feel alive again’, have already started working with national brands such as Planet Ice, HeliAdventures, YogaHaven and Golfbug in time for Buckt’s launch in January 2017.

The idea of Buckt is that it is a mystery box which inspires people.

Daniel said: “The whole point about Buckt is it is a mystery box and is there to inspire people and getting them out of their comfort zone.

“We want to inspire everyone from couples who take ages deciding what they want to do to the group of friends who want to do something new and unique.”

Buckt is experiencing early success after recently finding out that they had made it through to the final three of the Baldwins Kickstart business competition. In front of an audience of 500 people, they will compete for over £20,000 of cash and business support.

The company are also running a crowdfunder to raise funds to help with their launch.

Daniel also has high hopes for the business too, with the intention to launch across the UK next year.

He said: “Within the next year, we want to be in other regions and have different types of boxes, for different demographics, interests and age ranges.

“We are trying to craft it so each box will appeal to a range of people but there will be more ‘themed’ boxes in the future.”

Daniel may be on the route to success, with the concept of subscription boxes becoming bigger across the UK. Beauty box Birchbox are seeing huge success, as are Flying Vinyl, the box that delivers different vinyl to your door each month, as well as various other subscription box businesses setting up including ones for book lovers, wine appreciators and vegan snacks.

But what is making subscription boxes such a success?

Daniel said: “I think people want the surprise element now and they don’t just want bills coming through the door. They want something to look forward to.”

Prices for Buckt subscription boxes will include £25 for one month or £15 per month for a year.