Kostas Panagiotidis

Hi Reader, 

My name is Konstantinos, but all my guests call me Kosta. I am the General Manager for Lulu Wild, an independent modern Chinese restaurant and Cocktail Bar, nestled on the corner in Brindleyplace. Although Lulu Wild opened in 2021, I have worked within the independent group for over 5 years, and have been a part of the hospitality industry for over 17 years! 

I have always loved hospitality; for me it is everything. The opportunity to meet many different people on a daily basis, and give our guests a slice of the best restaurant in Birmingham. From the food design, to the vibe, to cocktail creations, I love delivering on high quality experiences. 

Working within an independent company like Lulu Wild and Siamais, not only allows me the opportunity to make my mark on the businesses but opens up doors to reacting quickly and uniquely to the needs of our customers. Our guests and our team members are more than just a number; each guest is a part of us, with many becoming friends and each member of staff is listened to and cared for. For me, as mentioned, my hospitality experience started nearly two decades ago, and as you can guess, I have worked in every imaginable position, meaning my experience guides each decision and each team member as I truly resonate with those I choose to work on my team. 

Hospitality is an art. From the food, to the venue, to the service, it all creates a moment. A moment where customers can forget all worries of working for their meal; a guest must feel at total ease, and wrapped in a sense of hospitable comfort. My aspiration is to keep hospitality as romantic as I have it in my mind. 

You are always welcome at any of my restaurants whether that is for an intimate dinner for 2, drinks or a private hire for corporate events in Birmingham. Please feel free to reach out to my directly with any questions.