Matt Dixon

Matt Dixon, CEO and Founder of Evai has over 30 years of experience in the financial services sector. A former consultant to the World Bank and FCA CF30 accredited financial advisor, he has been inspired to use his experience to bridge the worlds of traditional finance and digital asset investment. 

Before founding Evai in 2019, Matt designed and implemented successful algorithmically traded funds regulated by the FCA. The concept for the business was formed when he returned to education to study his MsC at the University of Brighton, where he was introduced to Professor Andros Gregoriou. During the course of his studies, Matt and Andros discussed the failure of financial ratings during the 2008 economic crisis and debated ways in which the learnings could be applied to the fast growing cryptocurrency sector. The idea to create a reliable and unbiased method of rating over 5,000 digital assets was formed.

Over the last year, Matt has evolved the cryptocurrency ratings concept from an exploratory White Paper into a fully-fledged business that has attracted over £1m in funding. The sellout funding rounds have enabled the Evai team to fast track the ratings platform development with the MVP due to be unveiled later this year.

The Evai ratings platform known as “The Bridge” will provide an unbiased rating system, defining accurate performance and risk measures of cryptocurrencies, exchanges, brokers and projects to empower digital asset investors.