6 Superb Road Trips To Enjoy on your EV

Planning an ultimate road adventure on your EV? If yes, this guide is for you! We have curated a list of all the top road trips that are perfect for your ultimate family or friends’ vacation time. If you are interested in planning an EV road trip with plenty of adventure, thrill, and supreme locations around the world, you will love the places mentioned below. We guarantee the best experience of all time. So, let’s dive right into the details!

Top 6 EV Road Trips To Cherish Throughout Your Life

Have a look at some of the great EV road trips that are surely great for a once-in-a-lifetime road adventure.

  1. Switzerland’s Alpine Passes

For a typical Switzerland cinematic drive, hop onto your EV and drive through the E-Grand tour or take the Julier pass. You will love the scenic view and love taking beautiful picturesque shots on the way. Do make a stop at the iconic Juliertheater to witness the most surreal backdrop in no time. The best part is that there are a myriad of charging stations that will never let your EV stop for any technical reason. Also, take shots from the incredible height since that will make your trip even more mesmerizing.

      2. Central Coast In Oregon

Are you craving a beach adventure? Well, Oregon’s beaches till the last Gold Beach can be your best bet. With a fully connected EV charging network, this is truly an adventure hub for all looking forward to a well-rounded EV road trip. You will enjoy the seafood on the way and have the best experience of flying down the sand dunes. You can stop at luxury stays on the way to make the trip more memorable.

      3. Iceland’s Ring Road

Iceland’s Ring Road, or Route 1, encircles the entire island and takes you on a remarkable journey through diverse landscapes, including volcanoes, waterfalls, geysers, and glaciers. With an increasing number of EVs on the road, Iceland has developed an extensive charging network, making it an EV-friendly destination. Explore the wonders of Iceland, including the Golden Circle, the Blue Lagoon, and the Vatnajökull National Park, all while enjoying the eco-friendliness of your electric vehicle.

      4. Algarve/Alentejo Coast In Portugal

Shoutout to all the beach lovers! This Portugal EV road trip should be on your bucket list for all the right reasons. From the idyllic Algarve and Alentejo coasts to the classic fishing fun, you will have an all-in-one adventure here. Not only this, the modern and classic EV experience will not disappoint you at all. You will fall for its widely connected EV charging stations network and enjoy a fun-filled trip.

      5. Pacific Coast Highway In California

Also known as California State Route 1, Pacific Coast Highway is another iconic and breathtaking road trip that you can embark on with your family or friends on your EV. Stretching for over 600 miles, the coastal route offers mesmerizing views of the Pacific Ocean, picturesque coastal towns, and rocky cliffs. You can stop your vehicle at any point to capture some beautiful snaps with your loved ones on your road trip. The best thing about the route is that you have several options to charge your EV without any hassle. In addition to this, you can explore several popular attractions like Monterey Bay, Big Sur, etc. With the availability of a plethora of charging stations with several beautiful natural spots to explore, it is the perfect road trip to plan for EV owners.

     6. Route 66, USA

Another excellent road trip in the US is Route 66 which is a historic highway stretching from Chicago to Santa Monica. The 2451-mile-long route features 900 charging stations. Moreover, you will find ample chargers at the iconic landmarks along the route. So, you can relax, have a quick bite, or enjoy some time exploring the landmarks with your family and friends while your EV charges in the parking lot safely. It is the perfect nostalgic and classic American road trip for modern EV owners that will drive them through small towns, quirky roadside attractions, and beautiful, scenic landscapes.

Some Last Words

Road trips are the most soothing and comfortable experiences of all and provide solace to the next level. Now that you know about all the top road trips to plan your special EV road trip, you can start with your extensive travel planning. You can make use of useful apps like GRID to plan your EV trip in a better way with its advanced navigation map that offers routes to reliable charging stations easily. This will save you time later and help you stay aware of all nearby locations even if you are visiting the place for the first time.