Asking Better Questions

Asking Better Questions (ABQ) does just that. Through facilitated workshops, executive leadership programmes, business coaching sessions and 1-2-1 mentoring, ABQ asks the questions which get to the heart of an issue and help business owners and senior management teams makes sense of what’s really going on.

Working with innovative and entrepreneurial academic institutions, including the London Business School and some of the top UK accountancy firms, ABQ has developed leadership programmes for senior level executives to unlock strategic thinking.

In facilitated sessions and workshops within the NHS, ABQ has helped consultants and non-medics join together to create high performing, energised teams and also supported high-growth start-ups become ‘unstuck’ when they’ve reached a sticking point with strategic direction.

For more information about the executive and team coaching and mentoring, leadership programme development or if you are looking for an experienced facilitator to focus your strategic thinking, visit: