Cooden Tax Consulting

When Cooden Tax Consulting was established in 2013, it was because so many businesses were missing out on money that they are entitled to. The government R&D tax relief scheme offers generous tax relief to companies carrying out research and development – but so many businesses that are eligible either don’t know about the scheme, or aren’t making the most of their claim. This is something that the team at Cooden Tax Consulting wants to change.Based in Sussex and working with businesses across the South East, the company operates within many industries including manufacturing, technology and creative industries. These companies can be missing out on significant sums of money that they are entitled to, simply because they weren’t aware that they could make a claim. This money can make a huge difference to the smooth running of projects and contribute an enormous positive effect to cash flow. Getting started is as simple as booking in a free initial consultation, where the team can help you understand whether you are eligible to make a claim. Visit the Cooden Tax Consulting website today to learn more.