Dine provides event management, catering and also manages exclusive catering venues.

Dine’s expertise is in consulting with venues, creating a business plan and then being able to mobilise that; from implementing the marketing, to undertaking viewings and sales through to the provision of Dine’s award-winning hospitality and venue management. This niche expertise has led to Dine taking long-term leases on The Mansion in Leeds, Howsham Hall in York and most recently purchasing Rise Hall near Hull. Dine also has the pleasure of working in beautiful spaces such as Sefton Park Palm House in Liverpool and Wentworth Woodhouse in Rotherham. See www.dine.co.uk/venues .

The Dine team has a huge depth of expertise and deals with all sorts of weird and wonderful requests, from the request for a Dog Butler to organising a full wedding for a Bride based in Moscow. On several occasions, the Dine team has been lucky enough to be of service to members of the Royal Family.