Fleetondemand is a leading global vehicle hire company powered by Mobilleo, the most advanced mobility as a service technology platform in today’s market. Based in the UK, Fleetondemand connects global and local suppliers of car and van rental into a single unified corporate vehicle hire service for businesses of all sizes. We offer access to more vehicles, more locations and more choice than any other vehicle rental provider with 100% vehicle availability.

Our international supplier network offers 1,627,000 rental vehicles from 26,800 locations in 170 countries worldwide. This includes the UK’s largest network of over 600,000 vehicles from 2,200 branches to hire for one hour, one day, one week or one year.

Mobilleo is Fleetondemand’s dedicated MaaS desktop and smartphone app, available on Android and iOS devices, that consolidates all forms of travel into one single solution. It is free to download and allows end users to find, book and pay for their entire journey as one single door-to-door itinerary in seconds, saving hours of time in planning, travel and vehicle costs.

Using the Mobilleo application travellers can search thousands of different travel providers for car hire, car clubs, flights, trains, trams, buses, ride hailing, taxis, bicycle hire, ferries, hotels, airport lounges and more. It offers easier access to integrated travel and service information, more reliable journey planning, in-app ticketing and a hassle-free payment system.

Mobilleo’s unique Smart Search feature provides travellers with various multi-modal journey options based on the quickest, cheapest, fastest, most eco-friendly or most convenient way to get them to and from their destination. The app alleviates the hassle of downloading various travel apps and online tools.

The platform can be configured for businesses with different mobility requirements, which includes saving costs by consolidating travel booking and spend, alternatives to company cars, enhancing employee benefit programmes, improving CSR policies or driving total cost of mobility intelligence across the business.

Mobilleo is also helping public authorities like TfGM, Surrey Council and Transport Scotland to power ground-breaking urban and rural MaaS projects that improve the way people travel around their cities and regions. Mobilleo can be branded and tailored specifically for any public authority, linking together all the different private and public transport modes available to travellers within a particular area on a local, regional or national basis.

By working in collaboration with these authorities Mobilleo is helping to reduce congestion, improve air quality and promote healthier lifestyles by encouraging people to leave their cars at home and use shared and active travel instead.

Fleetondemand has won numerous awards for technology, innovation and leadership, including ‘Innovation in Mobility Technology’ at the Fleet News Awards 2020, ‘Innovation in Mobility’ at The Great British Fleet Awards 2020, and the ‘Special Recognition’ award at the Digital Enterprise Top 100 in 2019. The company also featured in The Sunday Times Sage Tech Track 100 in 2020, ranked 2nd place in the Northern Tech Awards 2020 ‘Top 100 Fastest Growing Technology Companies’, and was included in the 2019 and 2020 Top Tech: Yorkshire Report.