Rcapital Partners LLP

Rcapital provides private investment, commercial expertise and hands-on support to transform and grow businesses. Working together with management teams we focus on driving performance and delivering results.

What makes Rcapital different:

• We put people first

• We are empathetic

• We align the needs of the business with the people in the business and our team

• We are fair with our equity

• We are a private investment firm – which means we are flexible on when we buy and sell

• Our people are recognised leaders, with experience at the highest level
We invest in the people who own and manage businesses. We do not only inject cash but also enhance management teams with the necessary skill, expertise and passion to make the business flourish.  We pride ourselves on being more than a turnaround investor, we see potential in complex situations and we work with management teams to share in success.

Earlier this year, Rcapital was awarded European Turnaround of the Year (small firm -turnaround less than €100m turnover) by the Turnaround Management Association for their outstanding turnaround and corporate renewal of Tie Rack / Rolling Luggage.  “What is clear, is how with some innovative thinking, and decisive and quick action, businesses in real distress can be rescued and transformed into viable and profitable concerns.” David Bryan, TMA Europe’s Financial Director

“Since our inception in 2004 we have made over 50 investments across the UK and Europe. We not only develop the business, but also work to support its people. Our investment takes away immediate cash pressures, but returning a business to sustainable growth requires a very unique set of skills to work with senior management. From day one, we work together to deliver positive outcomes that continue long into the future.” Jamie Constable, CEO. www.rcapital.co.uk
Key people

Jamie Constable – CEO    jamie@rcapital.co.uk

Myles Halley – Chairman    myles@rcapital.co.uk

Phil Emmerson – COO    phil@rcapital.co.uk

Chris Campbell – Investment director    chris@rcapital.co.uk

Josie Richardson – Investment director    josie@rcapital.co.uk