Ltd is a peer-to-business lending platform. It provides business loans for limited companies, LLPs and PLCs that have been trading for longer than two years.

Loans are funded by hundreds of individual lenders from around the UK in an online auction, which determines the interest rate payable on the loan. They’re looking to support growing British SMEs and earn a better return than they get through banks and other mainstream investment products.

Businesses can borrow from £25,000 upwards (a typical loan is between £25k – £150k), repayable over terms of 6-60 months. Businesses must have two years of filed accounts and be profitable with an average quarterly turnover greater than £50k.

Unlike many bank loans, there are no Early Repayment Charges and the term of the loan won’t change halfway through or be recalled early; the sort of practice that hit SME owners hard in the period since the credit crunch.

Furthermore, the individuals lending money now have a vested interest in that business. To make sure they earn their returns, they become customers, refer business or make useful connections through social media.

We’re building a community of people across the UK that care about the success of UK businesses. They’ll back successful businesses time and again, making a loan with an investment in your business’ future growth strategy and raising your profile with a powerful audience of potential ambassadors.

Contact details:
Daniel Rajkumar, Founder and Managing Director