Agency encourages more diversity in PR and communications sector

A HARROGATE agency is backing a national scheme to encourage more black and minority ethnic graduates to look at careers in communications and PR.

Northern Lights PR is working with international headhunters Taylor Bennett on an internship programme for six graduates from the University of East London.

The agency plans to launch a similar internship in Yorkshire next year as part of its 20th anniversary celebrations.

Next week this year’s graduates will round off their ten-week internship with a visit to Yorkshire where they will meet the region’s leaders from Pace, Yorkshire Forward, Bradford City Council and Welcome to Yorkshire.

Junior Ayanbeku, Jenard Dyer, Param Lard, Claude Peters, Charlotte Robertson and Tina Tama will  also attend Bradford University School of Management’s masterclass on innovation and watch Northern Ballet Theatre’s rehearsal of Peter Pan at Leeds Grand.

Victoria Tomlinson, chief executive of Northern Lights PR, said: “Skills in corporate communications are needed by businesses, public sector and voluntary organisations but there is a shortage of black and minority ethnic candidates choosing this career path. When we heard about this internship, we knew it was right for Yorkshire.

“These six young people were selected from 200 applicants in a gruelling three day interview process. We are sure they will have successful careers and we also want them to be ambassadors for Yorkshire as they progress.”