Biotech group reaches for growth with expanding premises at science park

York-based biotech business Aptamer Group is to expand its premises to around 3,000 sq ft to support its growth.

Based at the York Science Park, the firm has negotiated an agreement to add two further laboratories and two offices to its existing space of four offices and five labs, including a specialist robotics and preclinical discovery laboratories.

The expansion will take their total space to more than 3,000 sq ft, allowing the company’s team to set up a new, dedicated R&D laboratory and expand its existing commercial lab space to keep up with increased demands alongside expanding their office facilities to accommodate its growing team.

In June, the group secured series A funding of $2.2M. With the long-term focus on the development of aptamer technologies, Aptamer Group is now able to drive forward is pre-clinical discovery programmes involving the development of aptamer drug conjugates (ApDCs) which are set to become a revolutionary approach to targeted drug delivery.

Arron Tolley, CEO of Aptamer Group, explains: “We secured our funding on a solid business plan, strong sales pipeline and excellent data – which demonstrated aptamer technology as a viable drug delivery system. We were recognised, by investors with expertise in the development of biologic drugs, as a fast-growing UK biotechnology business. We planned our next steps jointly with YSP, taking into consideration our strategic plan for growth. Further embedding ourselves at YSP is the most logical strategy for us. It allows us to take advantage of the existing infrastructure and further expand our existing team of 18 people along with providing us with the facilities to focus on both R&D and our commercial works.”

The series A funding round was supported by Netherlands-based biopharmaceutical investment company Meneldor, founded by Dutch entrepreneurs, Frans van Dalen and Paul Lelieveld. Its skills and background in drug discovery will see them bring a diverse range of expertise and support to the team.

This most recent funding round now brings the total funding secured by Aptamer to £3M.

Claire Bennett, General Manager of York Science Park, added: “We were delighted to work with Aptamer Group to help them set their plans in place for the next two years. They are a really dynamic company, working in an incredibly innovative area of bio technology that is constantly evolving. We were very happy to help them secure space that allows them to grow their team and help them develop their strategy. We look forward to continuing to help support them in the future.”