Sheffield City Region’s fastest-growing companies revealed

50 of the fastest-growing businesses across the Sheffield City Region have been identified as part of a project to highlight the very best of Northern leadership.

The businesses on the list have added nearly £1.2bn of revenues in the last two years and they now have an aggregate turnover of £3.9bn.

The data has been compiled by and Experian as part of the 2019 Northern Leadership Awards, supported by CMS. Leaders from the businesses listed below now have the opportunity to enter the awards in a category which will recognise leaders in the region’s fastest growing firms. Nominations are open for the 2019 Northern Leadership Awards and the deadline for entries is Friday, July 19. For more information, click here.

Today’s top 50 list is the last of four regions to publish the data as part of the project. Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester lists were published earlier this week. The businesses have all shown strong growth over the last two accounting periods and now have turnover of at least £20m.

The Sheffield City Region list, published below, includes stock-market listed firms such as steel group Billington Holdings, digital marketing agency Jaywing and housebuilders MJ Gleeson.

Wholesaler Priececheck has continued its strong growth trajectory and Zoo Digital, which has is also growing in terms of employee numbers in the city, also makes the list. Instantprint, which trades as Bluetree Design and Print and is based at Manvers in Rotherham, has also been picked up in the list, alongside Gripple – the Sheffield manufacturer which has just added a fifth site to the Steel City to support its growth plans.

Alex Turner, joint managing director of, said: “The businesses in the list are a mix of household names and hidden gems, but they are all playing a key role in the city region.

“Through job and wealth creation, and the impact their growth has on companies that work with them, these businesses are strengthening the economy of the city region and of the North.

“We want to recognise the leaders within these organisations, to highlight their successes and to showcase what makes a fantastic modern business leader.”

The criteria for the list were businesses registered in Sheffield City Region which have shown revenue growth in each of the last two accounting periods and now have turnover of at least £20m. The businesses had to be independent or the parent company, and not subsidiaries of a group registered elsewhere.

The fastest-growing businesses will be invited to a private drinks event next month and also encouraged to enter someone from their organisation into the 2019 Northern Leadership Awards.  The Awards will include a City Region award drawn from the top 50 for a leader within that business which has had a significant impact on that growth, whether their input was focused on culture, innovation, commercial or some other aspect of the transformation. If you want to find out more, get in touch with us by emailing

As well as the city region business leader awards, there are nine other categories which are open to leaders from any organisation operating across the North of England.

Nominations are now open for the 2019 Northern Leadership Awards and the deadline for entries is Friday, July 19. For more information, click here.

Sheffield City Region Top 50 fastest-growing companies

Company Name Year 1, £m Year 2, £m Year 3 (Latest), £m Registered Office
A.E.SPINK 18.7 19.8 25.1 Doncaster
ANPARIO PLC 23.3 24.3 29.2 Worksop
BENCHMARK HOLDINGS PLC 109.4 140.2 151.5 Sheffield
BILLINGTON HOLDINGS PLC 56.7 63.3 73.5 Barnsley
BLADES LEISURE 10.9 11.6 21.0 Sheffield
BLUETREE DESIGN AND PRINT 19.9 27.0 31.7 Rotherham
BREASLEY PILLOWS (THE) 24.9 30.8 36.0 Matlock
BURROWS MOTOR COMPANY 95.2 104.5 119.8 Doncaster
C.F.BOOTH 108.4 119.9 139.8 Rotherham
CHESTERFIELD POULTRY 59.8 75.5 119.7 Doncaster
CLOWES DEVELOPMENTS (UK) 46.6 93.2 104.9 Ashbourne
EUROCELL PLC 175.9 204.8 224.9 Alfreton
EVOGO 38.8 60.7 101.2 Sheffield
EVOLUTION POWER TOOLS 28.1 30.5 40.3 Sheffield
F & G HOLDINGS 40.4 51.8 52.2 Barnsley
FARMSTAR 26.1 28.3 33.1 Doncaster
GO GREEN 19.2 22.9 27.0 Doncaster
GRI LIBRA 7.2 22.9 25.4 Sheffield
GRIPPLE 48.6 55.0 66.9 Sheffield
HARWORTH GROUP PLC 13.2 33.7 53.7 Rotherham
JAMES DURRANS & SONS, 53.2 55.8 67.4 Sheffield
JAYWING PLC 36.0 44.5 47.5 Sheffield
JIGSAW FOODS 24.1 29.3 39.0 Mansfield
KAYE ALUMINIUM (HOLDINGS) 68.0 76.2 96.8 Doncaster
LANGLEY HOLDINGS PLC 644.3 768.1 802.2 Retford
LINBROOKE SERVICES 34.1 42.6 46.3 Sheffield
LONG RAKE SPAR COMPANY (THE) 17.0 20.3 21.7 Bakewell
MAC’S TRANSPORT (NORTHERN) 21.6 23.5 27.3 Barnsley
MJ GLEESON PLC 142.1 160.4 196.7 Sheffield
MS INTERNATIONAL PLC 49.3 53.8 68.1 Doncaster
NEWELL AND WRIGHT (HOLDINGS) 59.8 68.8 75.2 Sheffield
ORBITAL PAYROLL GROUP 44.4 52.7 85.5 Barnsley
OSL GROUP HOLDINGS 18.3 21.5 23.4 Sheffield
PCT HEALTHCARE (HOLDINGS) 74.6 143.9 146.5 Chesterfield
PORTLAND INVESTMENT GROUP 20.2 20.4 52.1 Sheffield
PORTLAND OF BAWTRY 17.5 20.4 23.4 Doncaster
PRICECHECK TOILETRIES 43.6 54.9 73.1 Sheffield
RIVERSIDE MOTORS HOLDINGS 84.4 100.6 110.3 Barnsley
RONALD HULL JNR. 19.1 24.5 28.0 Rotherham
SOLPRO MANUFACTURING 20.7 23.4 27.2 Sheffield
SPECIAL STEEL CO., 35.0 36.5 43.5 Sheffield
STRATA HOMES HOLDINGS 46.7 128.5 154.1 Doncaster
T. HAYSELDEN 55.5 61.9 71.8 Barnsley
TODAY’S WHOLESALE SERVICES 33.5 36.2 42.0 Doncaster
WARNERS FISHMERCHANTS 28.4 31.8 39.1 Doncaster
WILSONS FURNISHERS (HOLDINGS) 13.2 18.1 22.5 Rotherham
ZOO DIGITAL GROUP PLC 8.1 13.5 20.4 Sheffield