How are disruption and crisis shaping the future of finance?

The economy is in the midst of change. The fourth industrial revolution – characterised by technology and disruption – is well underway and now it faces a once in a generation challenge as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

But this ‘perfect storm’ is also creating opportunities to shape the future for those disruptive, technology driven businesses brave enough to try.

The latest webinar from in partnership with, will look at the parallels between the post Covid-19 era and 2008 recession as reset moments for the financial world and leading businesses. It will also focus on the opportunities the current situation provides FinTech businesses and challenger brands sector to transform the financial sector.

The panel of experts – including Rashee Pandey, head of partnerships at Innovate Finance, Matthew Dixon, CEO and co-founder of, Jonathan Thompson, CEO and founder of B-North and Professor Andros Gregoriou, Brighton Business School, Research Excellence Lead (Brighton University) – will consider areas such as the role of digital currencies, crowdfunding and the opportunities and challenges innovation poses to traditional investors.

The webinar will take place live on Zoom from 09.30-10.15 on Wednesday 15 July. It is free to attend, simply register here.

The Panel

Matthew Dixon, CEO and Co-founder

Professor Andros Gregoriou, Brighton Business School, Research Excellence Lead

Rashee Pandey, Head of Partnerships, Innovate Finance

Jonathan Thompson, CEO & founder, B-North