Manufacturer regains product range rights to help drive expansion

A Leeds-based engineering business has made a recent re-acquisition as it targets an expected post pandemic appetite for green energy.

Advanced engineering, hydraulic systems and fluid power solutions manufacturer, Oilgear, has regained intellectual property rights for mono-radial pumps following its re-acquisition of Andrew Fraser Pumps.

Oilgear has also acquired the manufacturing and test capability to design and manufacture this pump range, from its Leeds base.

The re-acquisition is part of a wider strategy to target emerging industries, such as power generation tech and renewables, alongside its existing customer base.

Chris Howie, vice president at Oilgear, said: “We are a major supplier of pumps and hydraulic systems on a global scale across a number of sectors including traditional heavy-duty energy plants, refineries and marine.

“As we stayed safe at home during the Covid crisis, the skies have cleared and air quality has improved, creating a real appetite to accelerate green energies and technologies.

“The re-acquisition of the mono-radial pump range allows us to continue to develop the intellectual property rights (IPR) and expand into new areas and emerging technologies, particularly in the areas of advanced technologies and green energies.”

The radial piston pumps are highly efficient and able to operate at high pressure, on high loads within high-speed environments.

Suitable across a wide range of hydraulic fluids such like mineral oil, biodegradable oil, and cutting emulsions, this technology – with its low noise emission – is very flexible in machine tooling across plastics, powder injection moulding, automotive industry and offshore energies.

Ivor Evans,  Oilgear UK’s general manager, sales & engineering, said:  “We have always been associated with innovation and the reacquisition of the Andrew Fraser IPR allows us to continue to develop this technology into new markets.

“It would be great to celebrate our 100th anniversary next year, with an order book full of developing green technology.”

Formed in 1945, Andrew Fraser and Co designed and manufactured mono-radial piston pumps and associated equipment for wide ranging markets including energy power stations, jacking pumps, hydraulic presses, oil refineries and marine across international markets.

Subsidiary Andrew Fraser Pumps was the first UK company to produce radial piston pumps, a popular choice for a wide range of industries, including power stations and refineries, in the 1960s.

The company was acquired by Towler Hydraulic in 1985, which was acquired by US-owned Oilgear in 1985.

In 2018 Andrew Fraser Pump & Machinery procured the IPR for the Andrew Fraser mono-radial pump range.

This has now come full circle, as Oilgear has acquired the mono-radial pump range IPR to diversify its existing portfolio of high pressure pumps and valves, HPUs, control systems, and other associated products which service the power generation, subsea, oil and gas industries.