Listed utilities business wins its first commercial energy supplier contract

Sheffield-based Fulcrum Utility Services is expanding its Smart Metering portfolio, after securing its first commercial meter contract with B2B renewable energy supplier Bryt Energy.

Fulcrum will become one of Bryt Energy’s Meter Operators (MOP) and Meter Asset Managers (MAM), owning, maintaining and exchanging its meter portfolio.

Bryt Energy, which is part of the Statkraft Group, supplies British businesses with zero carbon, 100% renewable electricity, using only Wind, Hydro and Solar power.

It also offers on-site generation, battery storage, optimisation controls, and innovative smart metering technology, to help businesses on their sustainability journey.

This new contract strengthens Fulcrum’s position in the Smart Metering market, which it entered in 2019, building on and diversifying its portfolio of managed UK meter points to more than 150,000.

Fulcrum has invested in an experienced management team for its Smart Metering operations to support its work with energy suppliers.

It is also providing other ongoing MAM and MOP metering services, including portfolio management and maintenance, site surveying and consultation, along with new meter connection programming.

Tim Houtby, director of smart metering at Fulcrum, said: “Our ability to establish bespoke operations for new and emerging energy suppliers and our reputation for delivering an excellent service to our clients is helping Fulcrum to grow our position in the Smart Metering market and has enabled our expansion into the commercial metering market.

“Bryt Energy is bringing innovation to the business energy market and we are pleased to support them with an agile and flexible service that provides tailored, customer-focused Smart Metering operations.

“Our collaborative approach is proving to be a successful formula with our energy supplier customers and contributes to our shared ambition of delivering a sustainable, smart energy future for the UK.”