Square One Law in conversation with Tharsus: getting businesses and the 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon back up and running

Tharsus, a northern advanced manufacturing business that helps companies, such as delivery firm, Ocado, apply technologies to solve their strategic automation challenges, responded to the pandemic by developing a unique social distancing system called Bump.

This Personal Motion System, helps the wearer understand how they move around a workplace and interact with others, and can help businesses understand, analyse and design optimal workplace practices for a post-Covid future.

Through the use of the Bump system, the 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon has been the only major marathon to take place anywhere in the world since the Covid-19 pandemic began as the athletes, their support teams and the marathon’s own operational team were able to maintain effective social distancing, by wearing the Bump devices.

In this video, Brain Palmer, CEO of Tharsus, discusses with Square One Law’s managing partner, Gill Hall, how they created Bump and how they see it being used during and post-Covid-19.