Security device manufacturer signs supply deal with German partner

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Heald Ltd, an East Yorkshire-based designer and manufacturer of hostile vehicle mitigation security products, has established a partnership with German security firm truckBloc GmbH.

It will see truckBloc hold exclusivity in Germany to supply Heald’s patent-protected security bollards including shallow and surface mount bollard solution, the Matador and the recently launched ultra shallow mount Bridge Bollard.

The first shipment of fixed Matador’s arrived in Germany early this month, with further projects due to start in 2021, which will see Heald’s products installed at several high profile locations across the country.

Based in Fürth, truckBloc, which also sells products of the same name, specialises primarily in the perimeter security of events, especially in inner-city areas.

By joining forces, Heald and truckBloc will be able to provide a one-stop solution for hostile vehicle mitigation solutions for both permanent and temporary requirements across the country, which has witnessed several vehicle attacks during 2020.

Even during the current pandemic, Germany has seen terrorist-related vehicle attacks at the Volkmarsen Carnival which injured 60 and on a Berlin highway which injured six.

More recently five people lost their lives, and 15 were wounded following an incident in a pedestrian area in the south-west city of Trier.

Products from both firms are designed to provide effective perimeter protection while allowing access to permitted vehicles such as emergency service and delivery vehicles.

Michael Dahinten, head of business development at truckBloc GmbH, said: “The partnership between Heald and truckBloc is the coming together of two outstanding companies innovating in the field of perimeter protection.

“With shared values and a passion for helping to make the world a better place partnering with Heald felt like the natural fit, and we look forward to a positive outcome for all.”

Heald owner and managing director, Debbie Heald, added: “Having visited Germany earlier this year and witnessed the quality of the truckBloc product and integrity of the company we knew that by combining our expertise we could provide an unrivalled perimeter security offering to Germany.

“We look forward to an exciting partnership with truckBloc and seeing our products installed across the country.”

The latest announcement comes following further international expansion of Heald. Up to 80% of its products are exported overseas to countries including USA, Singapore, Australia, Norway and other locations.