Train operator to suspend its services for a third time

Hull Trains will temporarily suspend all its services from the beginning of Saturday 9 January 2021 in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

This is the third time the rail operator has hibernated the business following national restrictions calling for people to stay at home and stop all non-essential travel.

Louise Cheeseman, managing director of Hull Trains, said: “We are again in a position where it is the right decision for the business to temporarily suspend all our direct rail services to London.

“The travel restrictions impact our income from ticket sales significantly, so hibernating allows us to protect the business for longer so we can return as a sustainable rail operator once restrictions ease.”

Ticket sales are central to Hull Trains’ income stream and its position as an open access operator means it is not entitled to additional financial support from the Government.

Cheeseman added: “It’s another challenge we all face, but I am confident the decision to temporarily suspend services is the right one to help safeguard the future of the business.

“The majority of our staff will be furloughed until we are back up and running. At this time, we don’t have a planned return date, but we will be reviewing the situation as it evolves.

“Our direct rail route to London plays a vital role in supporting the local economy in Hull and East Riding and we shall continue to play a key part in the region’s growth in the future.

“I look forward to returning when restrictions are relaxed and more people start to travel again.

“All the information about this temporary measure and what this means for customers and refunds is available on our website.”

The rail operator’s direct services between Hull and London have been affected since March 2020.

The business has suspended services on two separate occasions (in March and November) and has been running a reduced timetable.