Site selected for integration of HS2 with Northern Powerhouse Rail

Indicative CGI of how remodelled main entrance for Leeds Station could look

Extra land near to Leeds station has been selected for the proposed integration of the HS2 link with Northern Powerhouse Rail (NPR).

The site’s inclusion is part of additional safeguarding directions for HS2 for the West Midlands to Leeds section of its route, to reflect the latest design of the railway.

The directions have been published today by the HS2 Minister Andrew Stephenson and the site’s developer has been notified.

Stephenson explained: “The latest safeguarding update includes a site east of Leeds. The site required by the HS2 rail project would support the potential integration between HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail.

“The developer of the site has been made aware of the safeguarding directions prior to their publication as has the local planning authority, Leeds City Council.

“By protecting the site now, the Government guards against potentially conflicting development, which could otherwise disrupt the construction of HS2, as well as the risk of increased costs of building the new railway.

“This protects the public’s interest in spending taxpayer money in a proportionate fashion.

“The Government periodically reviews land requirements needed for the project and updates the extent of safeguarding accordingly.”

Transport for the North’s Northern Powerhouse Rail director Tim Wood said: “We welcome this sensible and timely move by the Department for Transport. It ensures that the proposed route of HS2 through West Yorkshire is protected so that there will be fewer problems when the time for construction comes.

“As the proposed Northern Powerhouse Rail route from Sheffield to Leeds will also use the HS2 route it safeguards the interests of that network too. Both HS2 and NPR are vital for the future prosperity of the North and must be built in full. They will help to level up the British economy and to build back better.”

Transport for the North is one of the channel partners for the upcoming Invest North virtual conference which looks to set the economic development agenda for the North as the region plans its recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.