Engineering company to save over £5,000 after energy-efficient switch

Kadel Engineers Ltd, a precision engineering company based in Bradford that manufactures bespoke components to customer specifications, has successfully applied for 40% grant funding through the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (the LEP), Resource Efficient Business (REBiz) programme.

“Saving money on our energy bill was the major reason for wanting to be more energy efficient. Also, if it meant we could reduce our CO2 emissions to help the environment at the same time, then as a family business, we are keen to do our bit.”

With free audits and impartial guidance from the LEP’s Resource Efficiency Managers, the Bradford-based manufacturer identified optimum energy-saving opportunities. They found they could lower their energy usage rates by upgrading to a more efficient variable speed drive air compressor to deliver energy savings of 30,067 kWh per year, resulting in a 43% saving. At an energy cost of £0.16 per kWh, this is an annual financial saving of £5,098 and will lead to 7.69 tonnes of carbon emission savings.

Paul Rollins, managing director, said: “Without the LEP’s support, we would not have had the funds or the incentive to change our old compressor for a new one. From the data log, it is estimated that the payback will be less than two years (considering the funding). Also, the new compressor is much more controllable and programmable. It has a very useful auto switch on and off facility, which makes it even more efficient.

“We also had an additional duct fitted to the compressor to blow waste heat into the building in winter to help heat the factory. Then, in summer, we can switch the duct to extract the heat outside to keep the building cool.

“If we had not received the Resource Efficiency Manager’s support and the funding, then we would have kept running the old compressor, probably until it broke.”

This is not the first time that Kadel Engineering has worked with the LEP. In 2018, through the LEP’s predecessor programme, the Resource Efficiency Fund (REF), the team helped identify potential energy savings through a free energy audit. The company was successful in receiving a grant to upgrade their existing lighting to more efficient LED lights.

“The entire process has been straightforward, and if we needed guidance, the LEP resource manager was always there to help.

“If there were more funds available in the future, then we would like to look at updating our gas fired warm air blowers to more energy-efficient ones.

“The new compressor has been an excellent purchase. Not only has it dramatically reduced our energy bills, but it is also much more functional as it’s programmable, not just simply switch on and off.

“We owe this to the funding, as without the help from the LEP we would be still running the old compressor to the ground.”

The free service for eligible businesses in West and North Yorkshire is delivered in partnership with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority and the York and North Yorkshire Enterprise Partnership, advises and provides financial support for eligible small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to lower energy usage, reduce water and waste costs and minimise environmental and social impacts.

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