Jet2 says it is suspending flights until late June

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Leeds-headquartered Jet2 says a lack of clarity in the Government’s plans to get international travel moving again means its aircraft will not be taking to the skies this spring.

The listed airline owner has confirmed today “with a heavy heart” that it will be suspending flights and holidays up to and including 23 June.

It has blamed “the continued uncertainty that the [Government’s] framework provides”.

The Government has said it can’t yet confirm whether foreign holidays can go ahead on 17 May, as set out in its road map.

A traffic light system will be used to categorise countries based on risk, and travellers will need to pay for costly tests when departing and returning to the UK.

The plans have triggered a frustrated response from the the struggling travel industry.

Jet2 CEO Steve Heapy said he was “extremely disappointed at the lack of clarity and detail” in the overseas travel plan.

It “lacks any rigorous detail” about how to get international travel going again and the framework “is virtually the same as six months ago”, he said.

Heapy added customers who are yet to travel and who are impacted by this announcement will automatically have their booking cancelled with a full refund.

He said: “Our team of travel experts will be in touch to help them to book their summer getaway for later in the year.”