Brewery launches new partnership to celebrate lockdown ending

Leeds-based Northern Monk brewery and crisp maker Seabrook, who are based in Bradford, have joined forces to brew the world’s first, crisp-flavoured beers.

Taking their inspiration from crisp firm’s Cheese & Onion and Prawn Cocktail flavours, these beers blend beer and crisps in a way that’s never been done before, to symbolise the coming together of people in beer gardens from Monday.

Northern Monk and Seabrook, a Calbee UK brand, have been working behind the scenes to create a unique recipe that blends a base beer, with actual Seabrook crisp flavouring, to bring the nation’s favourite ‘pint and a packet of crisps’ together into two very special packages.

Northern Monk, which was recently named one of the fastest growing businesses in Yorkshire, states its mission is to create the ‘best beer experiences in the world’, and these are certainly two of the most unique beer experiences available.

The launch follows April Fool’s joke on across the firm’s social media channels that mocked-up can with the iconic Seabrook packaging, however this was in fact a double bluff, and the beers had actually been brewed at Northern Monk’s Leeds-based brewery, using tubs of the actual Cheese & Onion and Prawn Cocktail flavouring that Seabrook use to make their crisps of the same name.

The Cheese & Onion Lager is a 5.4% refreshing lager, lifted by a distinct aroma, and notes of cheese and onion, leaving you with the aftertaste of just having finished your favourite packet of crisps.

The Prawn Cocktail Gose is a 5% sour beer that brings with it the tang of prawn cocktail, finishing with a distinct saltiness that’s true to the traditional gose style.

These beers are the latest in a trilogy of third annual Northern brand collaboration that Northern Monk have brewed, having previously made Bloody Mary Porter with Henderson’s Relish in 2019, and a two-course roast dinner in beer form with Aunt Bessie’s in 2020, using the brand’s Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes in the beer itself.

Founder of Northern Monk, Russell Bisset, commented: “There’s nothing quite like an afternoon in the beer garden, so we decided to capture the flavours of this experience in one beer. Working with Seabrook, we’ve combined the nation’s two great loves, beer and crisps.

“We’re keen to push the boundaries of what beer can be, exploring new flavours and creating new experiences. After one of the most challenging periods in recent history, we decided to take this quest into uncharted territory, creating an experience that would make people laugh – or grimace actually – as lockdown lifts. These beers are for those with a curious mind, an adventurous pallet, and a thirst for something new after a year of hardship.”

Jon Wood, commercial director at Calbee UK, added: “We are delighted to have worked on this project with Northern Monk, creating Seabrook crisp flavour beers, it’s the perfect partnership.”

The Northern Monk X Seabrook Cheese & Onion and Prawn Cocktail beers launched on Northern Monk’s online shop on Sunday 11th April. Both beers will retail at £3.50 per can on Northern Monk’s online shop, and they’ll also be available to purchase in sets with a matching packet of crisps and limited-edition Northern Monk X Seabrook glass for £9, or everything listed previously, plus a Northern Monk X Seabrook t-shirt, for £26.

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