Game on…Roxy looks to bring businesses back together

X The Business Desk

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12 months ago virtual quizzes were de rigueur but now as restrictions lift its time to settle those virtual scores in person, whether between friends or colleagues at one of Leeds’ leading venues for after work socials.

Roxy Ball Room on Boar Lane, which prides itself on being the number one spot for business teams to get together since it opened in 2013, is offering readers of an exclusive deal to celebrate the return of after work socials worth up to £120.

The venue which features pool, ping pong, Roxy Golf and more wants to help teams get reacquainted, settle the debate over who’s the pool shark or deserves the titled undisputed table tennis champion.

Joel Mitchell, brand development manager at Roxy Leisure said: “The last 12 months have been a challenge we’ve all enjoyed more virtual quizzes than ever before but now it’s time to settle some of the scores in person. At Roxy Ball Room we’re proud to be one of the best destinations for team nights out whether friends or colleagues, so we wanted to do something to celebrate the return of after work socials as lockdown restrictions ease and the business community continues to return to the city.”

The special offer, includes a free drinks package worth up £120 for any booking over 14 people from June 21st until the end of July. Simply email quoting “Business Desk 2021” to claim.