How supporting community organisations benefits more than just the communities they work with

As a business headquartered in Leeds, is proud to support Leeds Community Foundation and over the coming months we will be sitting down with members of the foundation to explore their involvement, the projects that are being supported and more.

Simon Fitton

Simon Fitton, director at Manse Capital, a Leeds-based business with over 30 years of experience in financial planning, he speaks about the firm’s involvement with Leeds Community Foundation and the importance of investing in social impact.

“Manse Capital are very proud to have been a Member of the Foundation for some years now and we have done a variety of fundraising over this time to assist with their aim of creating cities of opportunity for all.”

For Fitton it’s the social impact of the work the Foundation and the community projects it supports which is fundamental. He explains that the business is a founding partner of a social impact investing academy and as a result “is starting to see more opportunities for people to invest in social good beyond traditional investing and philanthropy.”

He adds however that for him it’s important to “encourage financial support for projects that have social impact locally, and for money to make a positive difference in communities most in need”. Which is where the work of the Foundation is so crucial in fulfilling this for the business in Leeds and Bradford.

Fitton also spoke about his admiration for the resilience of the projects he has visited through events organised by Leeds Community Foundation.

“Through their quarterly supporter events, we are given the opportunity to hear about the work they do and from the community organisations they support.

“When we visited projects in both Leeds and Bradford, we saw some extraordinary people doing fantastic work in difficult circumstances – but always with a smile.

“There was a range of community enterprises aimed at giving people better life chances including hubs, playgrounds, educational and skills-based training. These ensure future generations can flourish, which just makes for a better place for us all to live and work in.”

But for Fitton it’s not only the impact it has on the projects it supports, he believes that working with the Foundation has a personal impact too.

“Enabling Community Organisations to carry out vital work across Leeds and Bradford is rewarding on so many levels, and supporting the Foundation will benefit not just the communities they work with, but your own and your colleagues wellbeing too.”

If you’d like to find out more information about ways to get involved or become a member organisation visit