Turnover set to pass £5m at fabrication business

James Harding-Terry

Sheffield-based SevenHills Fabrication, one of the Steetley Corner Group of companies, is now forecasting a turnover of more than £5m, following a 2020 plan to hit this target and also improve profitability.

Group Turnover is expected to be £11m, with Group results for the year end in August forecast to be the best ever.

Husband and wife team James and Michelle Harding-Terry, who own Sevenhills, said the specialist fabrication and laser cutting business had adapted quickly to carry on operating effectively during the pandemic.

They added the banks had been on-hand to provide funding when required, so the company could maintain its momentum.

And they noted the firm had remained one step ahead of the Government’s COVID-19 directives – making changes before they were needed.

The couple said: “Our previous shift pattern changed – the aim was to prevent total staff shutdown in the event of any positive COVID tests, so one shift could operate at any time, while the other was off.

“The result is greater efficiency, fewer staff with greater output and a better work-life balance.

“It has also given us the ability to work seven days a week, meaning we can meet customer deadlines more effectively.”

They said the business had seen extra customer demand, with people taking advantage of furlough to build their own campervan conversions. They said: “This is now major product arm – orders have increased in size significantly.

“We’ve continued to work throughout the pandemic as other companies closed their doors – we didn’t let people down.”

SevenHills is now discussing a potential partnership with a local school, which would involve it offering six to eight pupils a chance to start an in-house apprenticeship.