Community Foundation spotlight

Alex Willcocks

Engage Digital is a digital marketing agency based in Leeds who assist organisations with a number of services from website design and development through to content marketing.

Its co-founder, Alex Willcocks, sat down with to talk about the philanthropic issues that are important to them and how the agency is involved with Leeds Community Foundation and its membership.

“At Engage, we try to use our knowledge and expertise to solve problems that affect society as a whole, rather than just our own problems” Willcocks explained.

He added that the key community issue that he seeks to address within his work at Engage Digital is to closing the inequality gap between the best off and worst off in the city, noting that that issue can take a number of forms such as “educational, economic, or just the general opportunities available to different communities”.

The founder also noted that the pandemic has highlighted the inequality that exists.

He said: “Access to basic provisions such as food and healthcare have become increasingly difficult for many, prompting organisations to set up food banks and medicine home delivery services to get much needed supplies to those in need.

“Many communities have also been fractured as families have left the UK to return to their native country, often due to fear and uncertainty around Covid, largely fuelled by lack of access to accurate information on the situation, within their communities.”

Willcocks added that it was against this back drop that it was crucial for those who can to support the vital work of Leeds Community Foundation by helping them to create cities of opportunity for all, and addressing the needs of Leeds communities.

“Knowing where to start when it comes to supporting the community in which you work can be confusing and daunting. Leeds Community Foundation provides an easy, uncomplicated way to access the communities and organisations that need help and where you can make a measurable impact.”

“In a world where purpose is becoming as much of a motivator as profit in modern teams and businesses, it’s a way to provide a deep connection into the community you work in”

If you’d like to find out more information about ways to get involved or become a member organisation email or visit