City briefs: WANdisco and 4DPharma

LiveData company WANdisco has secured a contract with a top five UK banking group to migrate an initial 500TB to AWS using its LiveData Migrator platform. The bank will maintain a hybrid cloud between on-premises and the cloud for several years and is the first of four identified use cases, representing in aggregate more than 3PB of data, that have been highlighted by the bank.

The initial contract will be a subscription license for 500TB of data, with a view of moving to a ‘commit to consume’ relationship with the Sheffield-based business in the future as further use cases are introduced.

The new contract comes as the bank which is “focused on being digitally led” is looking to explore the opportunities presented by machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

David Richards, CEO and co-founder of WANdisco said: “We are excited to sign this prestigious UK banking institution whilst continuing to work closely with AWS, one of our major cloud partners. This contract signifies how our partnership with AWS continues to expand as we progress and grow our go-to-market capabilities.

“And again, we see the primary driver to the cloud, being the desire to activate data for use in ML and AI use cases. LiveData Migrator is perfectly placed to provide the solutions that enable companies to make these transitions effectively. This is because our platform enables enterprises to operate without any production system downtime or business disruption while ensuring the migration is complete and continuous.”


Pharmaceutical company 4D Pharma which is leading the development of Live Biotherapeutic products, a novel class of drug derived from the microbiome, has announced positive test results from Part A of phase I/II clinical trial of MRx-4DP0004, an orally-delivered single strain Live Biotherapeutic being developed for the treatment of asthma.

The trial is a multi-center, double-blind, placebo-controlled study in patients with partly controlled asthma taking long-term medication. The primary endpoint of Part A was to evaluate the safety and tolerability of drug with secondary endpoints evaluating clinical activity.

In addition to the achieving the Part A, MRx-4DP0004 generated promising signals of clinical activity, which supports progression into Part B of the study, which is expected to enroll up to 90 patients.

Dr. Alex Stevenson, chief scientific officer at 4D pharma said: “The results from Part A of 4D pharma’s Phase I/II study of MRx-4DP0004 as a treatment for asthma are an important step forward in our development of a new safe oral therapeutic for asthma patients.

“Not only do the results support the excellent safety profile shown to date across our clinical pipeline of Live Biotherapeutics for a variety of indications, but also demonstrate our ability to identify and develop single strain LBPs with potent systemic activity using our MicroRx® platform. MRx-4DP0004 has shown encouraging activity in key secondary endpoints of clinical activity, and this data will help to guide the selection of patients for future development of the product.”

Prof. Chris Brightling, NIHR senior investigator and clinical professor in respiratory medicine at the University of Leicester welcomed the results noting that: “Current therapeutic options are not effective in all severe patients and thus there remains a significant unmet need for new treatment options. I look forward to the results of the Part B expansion phase, which will help to further identify an optimal target patient population for future development of MRx-4DP0004.”

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