Community Foundation Spotlight

Andrea Jones

Andrea Jones is a partner at legal and financial advisors Irwin Mitchell who are also members of Leeds Community Foundation.

She sat down with to speak about what drives the business to support the Community Foundation and how its social values align with the Foundations’ work.

She outlined how being involved with the foundation has helped support the work Irwin Mitchell do. She said: “Very often our clients want to support charities and leave legacies and by being a member of Leeds Community Foundation we have an awareness of the many deserving charities in the city.”

Jones also expressed her passion for philanthropy, and how the pandemic has highlighted the importance of supporting communities in need across Leeds.

“Philanthropy is hugely important to me as an individual, and like many, my concern and interest has been heightened by the difficult times the pandemic has caused for many people.

“The last eighteen months has seen challenges for not-for-profits, dealing with front line issues of escalating needs but also facing limited fundraising opportunities, the effects of which are evident in our communities.”

She explained how the pandemic and involvement with the foundation had actively increased her knowledge of the community around her and the vital work that is being done.

“I am definitely more aware of my local community and what is happening in particular on the outskirts of Leeds. Having previously spent more time in the city I now have an increased awareness of volunteer groups in my local area who do some amazing work supporting our communities”

However it goes beyond philanthropy, with Jones noting that the whole city and in particular the the legal sector need to consider the importance of diversity and how more more opportunities can be created to offer “people from disadvantaged backgrounds have access to law as a career”.

She noted: “The sector isn’t as diverse as it could be and by making the sector accessible to everyone it would create a better reflection of society as a whole, enabling law firms to better serve their clients.”

Speaking about getting involved with the Leeds Community Foundation she encouraged others to get involved explaining that “supporting the Leeds Community Foundation helps to make huge impacts across the city”. She also shared her advice for those looking to get involved explaining it’s important to “be clear on what your aims are and what you want to achieve from supporting Leeds Community Foundation”.

Leeds Community Foundation creates opportunities for all by working with partners to make a positive impact within communities across Leeds and Bradford. We do this by generating and investing philanthropic giving as well as maximising statutory funding to deliver grants and provide trusted expertise into Community Organisations, benefitting thousands of local people.

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