Spin out signs cancer detection research deal with university

Cizzle Biotechnology, a diagnostics developer, has signed a further 12-month research agreement with the University of York to develop potential applications in cancer diagnosis and therapy.

This includes evaluation of the company’s proprietary biomarker for detecting a multiple range of cancers, in addition to its existing programme for early lung cancer detection.

The deal strengthens the company’s position in creating new solutions for early cancer diagnostics and therapeutic tools.

And it extends access to expert resource and capability for developing early detection tests for lung cancer and potentially other forms of cancer.

Cizzle Biotechnology’s latest agreement follows a programme confirmed on 17 September 2021 for the development and validation of molecular tools with potential application in cancer diagnosis or therapy.

Cizzle Biotechnology originated as a spin out from the University of York based on research and development by Professor Dawn Coverley at the university.

Allan Syms, executive chairman of the business, said: “The challenge of developing breakthrough early-stage diagnostic tests and therapies for cancer is extraordinary and working with one of the world’s premier research-intensive institutions greatly facilitates our ambitions to provide simple, rapid tests that can detect cancer early when curative surgical intervention is possible.

“This new agreement extends our access to expert resource and capability for developing our early detection tests for lung cancer and potentially other forms of cancer.”

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