‘We’re geared up now for some growth’

James Fell is head of office at Aon in Leeds Tingley and Harrogate. Fell has 30 years of experience in the insurance sector and manages a team of 70 insurance and risk management specialists advising clients across a wide range of sectors including manufacturing, wholesale, retail, construction, transport and logistics.

Being able to say we’re playing a part in supporting and protecting businesses is perhaps one of the best parts of my job. It’s brilliant to be able to work with clients and through being part of the Aon group provide them with services and products which can help mitigate some of the challenges they may face, during a period of extraordinary change!

We’re geared up now for some growth. In the wake of the acquisition of Hendersons by Aon and the pandemic it feels like there’s been a period generally amongst businesses of treading water, but as we enter the new financial year I think we’re looking forward with optimism and we’re excited about exploring all of the opportunities and solution lines which being part of Aon presents us, and bringing them to our clients more than perhaps we have been able to do.

Cyber is probably the biggest issue affecting the insurance sector right now. The last two years have forced businesses to digitise and that coupled with more publicity around the risks has brought cyber security to the fore for many businesses, with boards listing it as a key threat.

In some ways gone are the days when people worried about thieves breaking into offices in the middle of the night, instead they fear people behind a laptop robbing them from the comfort of their own home. This means that we have to find new solutions to meet that challenge and within the area of cyber that is ever evolving, it’s a real challenge for insurers.

Local heart in a global community is how we describe ourselves and it resonates with me as it’s exactly where we are in the market and what we’re all about. We are able to leverage the global experience, facilities and clout of Aon, but also deliver it in a local way, with local structures and relationships

I’ve been fortunate to work with some fantastic people and bosses whose integrity and work ethic certainly rubbed off on me from an early stage. Equally as cheesy as it sounds my parents have always inspired me for the same reason of hard work, but also a humility. I would like to think that comes through in the way I deal with people and work with people in a very open and very honest way.

Outside of work I’m a Sheffield Wednesday fan but I think I can safely say there’s nothing relaxing about watching them! However, I also play golf badly and infrequently, but my family – wife, three kids and dog keep me very busy.