Community Foundation Spotlight

Axiologik are digital leadership consultancy specialising in the delivery of large-scale, highly complex digital transformation initiatives. The business has also recently become Members of Leeds Community Foundation.

Mike Quate, interim consultant at Axiologik, sat down with to talk the company’s their involvement with  the community foundation and what drives their philanthropic efforts.

“Axiologik have recently become a member of the Leeds Community Foundation, having been more formally introduced to them following our sponsorship of the Leeds Digital Charity Ball.”

He added that the tech sector can play a key role in helping to tackle inequalities.

“Leeds is a great, diverse city and one we’re proud to call our home. There is a very tight-knit tech community that is evolving and supportive of each other’s success.

“Whilst tech and digital has been a great boost to our city, we are aware that there is much to do in aiding more tech inclusivity and this was further highlighted during the pandemic.

“We want to support Leeds Community Foundation in raising awareness of their great work and also be an active member that, can get involved in the important projects that funds have/will be distributed to.”

Quate highlighted how supporting communities is at the core of their social value work.

“At Axiologik, we want to make a positive impact, in both what we do and the way we do it. Our culture and values drive that ambition and so we are keen to work with our local communities as best we can.

“We want to learn from the people who are at the heart of community projects, taking their lead on how best to support them.”

Quate who encouraged others to support Leeds Community Foundation and its vital work by becoming a member said: “The team at the Foundation are great. They’ve guided us through the processes of becoming members and have given advice on how best to get involved in their work. They already feel part of our Axiologik family and importantly we feel part of theirs; we’ve had many cups of tea together, talking about plans for our involvement and helping us form a true partnership.”

“We’d wholeheartedly recommend every business across Leeds to get involved with Leeds Community Foundation. Everyone should share and support the growth of the City and Leeds Community Foundation are a key organisation will help to make sure that, that happens!

“It all started with a simple conversation, one that’s inevitably going to evolve into something great.”

Leeds Community Foundation creates opportunities for all by working with partners to make a positive impact within communities across Leeds and Bradford. We do this by generating and investing philanthropic giving as well as maximising statutory funding to deliver grants and provide trusted expertise into Community Organisations, benefitting thousands of local people. You can support the work directly through an annual donation via Leeds Community Foundation membership which enables the organisation to create meaningful social impact for thousands of local people each year.

Read more about our Membership here.