Recycling company marks 20th anniversary with commitment to further growth

A household recycling firm which is marking 20 years in business has outlined its plans to develop an energy from waste facility.

Transwaste was founded by brothers Paul and Mark Hornshaw in 2002.

Starting out as a skip-hire firm, hand-sorting waste at Hull Docks, the firm has since switched its focus to green energy.

From its base at Melton, the recycling company receives between 60 to 100 deliveries per day, made up of waste from municipal solid waste, skips and tipping in Hull, East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.

The Hornshaw brothers calculate the amount they have recycled since 2002, to be over six million tonnes of local waste.

The waste is mechanically separated on site. Plastics and aluminium, wood, metals and plasterboard etc are removed and recycled. The remains are processed as refuse derived fuel (RDF) and converted into energy.

Paul Hornshaw, co-director, said: “A total of £19m has been spent on state-of-the-art processing equipment, technology and green jobs. This has enabled us to manage the increased capacity, as well as the type and volume of waste that can be recycled.

“Over the next five years we will commit to further investment as we develop a multiplex energy from waste plant, Melton Green Energy Park.

“This consists of an AD Plant (Anaerobic Digester) to produce biogas from waste, an EFW Plant (Energy from Waste) which generates electricity from waste and three additional wind turbines to generate electricity for neighbouring businesses. We expect to announce the details very soon.”

Mark Hornshaw, co-director, added: “The processes and technology have moved on faster in the last five years than they did in the first 15 years of business.

“We have invested profits back into the business and in the last 10 years our workforce has doubled across the plant and offices to 103 people. All of our people live in the local area and we employ them on permanent contracts.”