900 city centre apartments set for approval

The planned build-to-rent scheme at Whitehall Riverside

Two developments that would add 900 apartments to Leeds city centre are set to be approved by councillors next week.

The plans for 500 apartments at Whitehall Riverside and 399 apartments just off Wellington Street are among several large residential schemes at various stages of development in the city centre.

Glenbrook and Town Centre Securities have brought forward a £280m masterplan for Whitehall Riverside in Leeds, which includes 500 apartments.

The district valuer has reviewed the scheme and decided that “the scheme cannot support delivery of any affordable housing”.

“This scheme represents an opportunity to regenerate a highly prominent brownfield site on the southern side of Whitehall Road”, said David  Feeney, chief planning officer at Leeds City Council.

“The resulting scheme would be a high quality, appropriate development, which would significantly contribute to the provision of housing and would add to the vibrancy and vitality to the area and furthering its regeneration.

“Although the policy requirement for affordable housing cannot be met, this been justified by a financial viability assessment.”

Separately, a 31-storey residential tower is planned for the site at the end of Wellington Street, opposite the former Yorkshire Evening Post offices.

Ridgeback Group’s build-to-rent scheme will be required to have 80 affordable private rent apartments, priced at 80% of the local market rent.

Feeney said: “The proposals would regenerate a prominently located brownfield city centre site which has detracted from this gateway location for many years. In doing so it would deliver a significant number of new homes with affordable housing on site.”

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