Firm scoops contract with international telecoms infrastructure supplier

Shipley-based communications technology business, Filtronic, has secured a new contract with a global provider of 5G telecoms infrastructure equipment.

The initial production contract, valued at $1.1m/£0.9m, is designed to enable the global launch of a product that significantly extends the range of E-band point-to-point radio by providing an additional 3 decibel-milliwatts of linear output power.

The initial Morpheus X2 production order will be shipped in FY2024, with further production volumes forecast in FY2025.

Richard Gibbs, Filtronic chief executive officer, said: “We are pleased to secure an initial production order for our Morpheus X2 E-band transceiver from one of the world’s largest 5G telecoms infrastructure equipment suppliers.

“Working closely with our customer’s design team we were able to apply our unique power amplifier IP and E-band design expertise to deliver a high-power solution that will change the way in which 5G networks are deployed.

“We look forward scaling up the manufacture of Morpheus X2 solutions in 2024 and beyond.”

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