Consent secured for nearly 100 more homes

Rotherham Council has approved plans to bring the next generation of Sky-House properties to a Waverley site.

Sky-House Waverley Central – from Sky-House Co – will be based on a 4.2 acre site next to developer Harworth’s Olive Lane town centre scheme at Waverley, a major residential site between Sheffield and Rotherham.

For Sky-House Co that means bringing bringing 96 new homes to the area, in a series of house types designed in partnership with CODA Architecture.

Sky-House Co is already established at the site thanks to its two previous Waverley developments a short distance away.

Sky-House Co founder and director, David Cross, said: “Our first Waverley development saw unprecedented demand for the Sky-House concept.

“Since then we have seen the second phase of 44 homes completely sold before work is even completed on site.

“And now the new site adjacent to the eagerly-anticipated Olive Lane development will place us even more firmly at the very centre of the Waverley community.

“Our vision for Waverley Central is to create a homely, lively and sustainable residential heart, with a focus on the human experience in scale, atmosphere and walkability.

“Our mix of two-bed starter homes and larger three and four bed house types will create a blended community of first and last time buyers, young and growing families alike that all share our brand ideals for a design and eco-conscious market.

“We have worked with our friends and colleagues at CODA to create a truly ground-breaking design concept.

“Special thanks must go to William Marshall at DPP Planning for his support in taking us through the planning process.”

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