Firm credited by Nigel Farage for helping secure new banking facilities

J9 Advisory, a Leeds-based business advisory firm, has been credited by Nigel Farage for providing assistance in securing new banking facilities in the aftermath of the Coutts Debanking Scandal.

In a Social Media announcement on X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook on Friday morning, Farage stated: “After being refused banking facilities by ten other banks, my banking issues are now over. 

“I am pleased to say Lloyd’s bank have opened business and personal accounts for me. 

“My thanks to Johnny Abraham at J9 Advisory, a specialist firm who opened the right doors. 

“It is good to see that at least one high street bank in this country is not politically prejudiced. I will continue to go on fighting for the millions who have been treated so badly by the big banks.”

In a GB News Interview which followed shortly, Farage said he had “virtually given up” and was “in a point of despair” after being rejected by 10 banks.

He added, “I’m pleased to say, a friend of mine who runs a banking advisory service called J9, he got in touch with me and said I think I can help.  

“I said ‘you’re probably wasting your time’. But no, I went and met with Lloyds, and they were very clear that they do not judge people on their perfectly legally held political opinions. So, I’m very pleased they’ve opened up bank accounts.”

Johnny Abraham, of J9 Advisory, said: “I am pleased to have provided assistance to Mr Farage in what was a well publicised, difficult and sensitive situation.  

“Whilst we cannot guarantee a successful outcome to potential clients, (as we cannot control the circumstances behind each situation), I am pleased that once again, we have been able to demonstrate our ability to provide solutions where others have failed, and this has been achieved by taking time to understand our clients requirements, and then utilising our knowledge, vast network and a genuine passion to deliver positive results.

“My thanks to Lloyds Private Banking who have been very understanding and proactive in working closely with us to deliver a solution in this case.”