Global green hydrogen business establishes Yorkshire base in UK expansion

France-headquartered multinational, Lhyfe, has expanded its UK operation to South Yorkshire with the aim of accelerating the roll-out of the environmentally friendly gas across the region.

The business has opened a Sheffield office to identify opportunities to deploy production facilities to support businesses and organisations in the drive to Net Zero.

Lhyfe, which already has a base in Newcastle, is exploring various production sites and partnerships nationwide.

Its new Sheffield office, in the Wizu Workspace in the city centre, will be headed by renewable energy expert Stuart Sinclair.

Lhyfe is also keen to establish links across academia with high-profile hydrogen fuel switching research projects underway at the University of Sheffield.

The gas can support the deep decarbonisation of the UK economy, particularly in hard-to-abate sectors such as heavy industry, including steelmaking, and transport.

Lhyfe produces renewable green hydrogen through water electrolysis, powered by renewable energy — primarily wind and solar power.

Water is fed into the electrolyser, which is split into hydrogen and oxygen meaning the only by-product is oxygen.

The hydrogen is then compressed and transported locally from the production unit to consumers across the region, providing an alternative to fossil fuels.

The company’s inaugural plant at Pays de La Loire has been operating since the second half of 2021, and an additional six sites across Europe are currently under construction.

Lhyfe wants its production capacity to reach up to 22 tons of green hydrogen per day by the end of 2024 and up to 80 tons per day by the end of 2026.

Since the launch of its UK operation last year, the firm’s British team has grown to six staff members, with a recruitment drive underway to bolster plant deployment. The company is currently hiring for a bids and funding manager, and a project development manager.

Sinclair, offshore deployment UK and Ireland, said: “We are already demonstrating that green hydrogen is now a reality and a key driver of the clean energy transition.

“Sheffield is at the epicentre of the development of the UK’s hydrogen economy and we look forward to playing our part in its growth.

“The city boasts exceptional supply chain potential and strong industry connections, as well as ongoing world-leading hydrogen research and development.”

Colin Brown, UK and Ireland country manager, said: “Renewable green hydrogen production offers significant decarbonisation options for a range of organisations, and there is extraordinary potential in Sheffield.

“This new office is in line with our ambitious UK deployment plans and we felt it was the right time to establish a base here.”