Tax inconsistencies are sapping time and money from Yorkshire’s businesses, it’s time that changed – and Knights can help

Experts at Knights are helping Yorkshire businesses navigate drawn-out tax processes to get their time and money back. As tax specialist Andy Horsfield explains.

Tax can be complicated. And it can create substantial pressures for businesses if a challenge is raised by HMRC.

What’s more concerning is that at Knights we’re seeing clients subjected to HMRC decisions that we’ve subsequently proved do not reflect legislation or guidance.

Which leads to clients incorrectly facing extra costs, or even legal action in the case of a hospitality client that faced a winding-up petition for outstanding tax liabilities. Fortunately, we were able to help them prove that all money had been paid – and get the petition and a £200,000 penalty fee overturned.

But not before a considerable amount of time, money and stress had stacked up.

The same applies to a client whose agricultural vehicles were seized by HMRC over a red diesel dispute that saw them potentially landed with a bill for an extra £600,000 a year.

We managed to prove that HMRC had got it wrong, and helped the client make a claim for the costs incurred, but that doesn’t make it right.

And we know lots of businesses are struggling under similar circumstances. That’s where we can help.

Knights has a specialist team of dispute lawyers who work alongside our tax experts to take the pressure off for business owners. It’s a pretty unique combination of expertise.

We work with you and everyone else involved, including HMRC and industry bodies, to ensure everyone understands exactly what is happening so that issues can be resolved quickly. Without the need for court proceedings or long-term costs.

At the inaugural Business of Yorkshire Conference our team stood alongside speakers from both major parties and our local authorities here in Yorkshire.

Using our platform to shine a light on the stresses that business owners and senior executives are facing when it comes to tax. And to reiterate that our expert team can help.