Small business leaders are going for growth with Leeds University Business School’s Help to Grow programme

Rebecca Padgett can often be found working with groups of SME leaders as part of the government-subsidised Help to Grow programme. Here she shares what makes Leeds University Business School’s offering so recognised.

Leeds University Business School has carved a distinct niche in the educational landscape by providing the exceptional delivery of its Help to Grow: Management course.

As a programme facilitator fortunately involved in this transformative educational journey, I am pleased to shed light on what makes our programme stand out among the rest.

One of the fundamental elements that set our programme apart is our emphasis on in-house expertise. Our facilitators stem from within the esteemed Leeds University Business School. Their deep-rooted connections to the institution foster a unique understanding of the academic environment, intertwining it seamlessly with real-world business acumen. This blend of academic prowess and industry insights equips our facilitators to offer a holistic educational experience.

Moreover, the high calibre of mentors and staff is the cornerstone of our programme’s success. Their expertise, honed through years of experience and knowledge, imbues the course with invaluable insights and guidance. This rich resource of talent not only educates but also inspires and mentors the participants, creating a transformative learning environment. They will challenge your thinking and offer new perspectives to help you find better, more impactful solutions. This is your chance to explore areas that are not covered by the course and get a sounding board on the challenges facing your business.

The distinctive edge of our Leeds University Business School’s Help to Grow programme is our tailor-made modifications that specifically address the dynamics of the small business sector. By customising the curriculum to suit the unique challenges and opportunities within smaller enterprises, we ensure that participants gain directly applicable knowledge that resonates with their specific business realities.

Another feather in our cap is our ability to bridge the gap between academia and industry, notably through Nexus. This collaboration platform fosters invaluable connections, enabling participants to tap into real-world resources and networks. Such integration with the industry is pivotal in ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.

And our commitment doesn’t end with the course completion. Help to Grow alumni are seamlessly integrated into our alumni network. This affiliation offers a broader spectrum of resources and networking opportunities beyond the Help to Grow events, further enhancing their professional growth. This includes our SME Hub, which alongside our Help to Grow programme, offers knowledge transfer partnerships, peer networks, SME leader forums, executive leadership partnerships and even the opportunity to collaborate with students on business projects. By joining the Help to Grow programme, you can become a part of this vibrant business ecosystem and start benefitting from this experience right away.

Cohorts are not just students; they form a network, fostering relationships that extend beyond the classroom. Encouraging the formation of WhatsApp groups among cohorts enables continued support, idea sharing, and networking, thereby enriching the learning experience and establishing lifelong professional connections.

In essence, Leeds University Business School’s Help to Grow: Management course is not just a programme; it is a transformative journey. With an emphasis on expertise, customisation for small businesses, industry integration, and fostering a robust community, we have set a new benchmark in management education, ensuring that our participants are not just equipped with knowledge but primed for success in the dynamic world of business.

Want to grow your business? Ready to take the next step? Leeds University Business School has just what you need. Help to Grow is a 12-week programme for SME owners and senior management. It is designed to give you the tools and confidence you need to scale up your business through practical, hands-on sessions you can implement today. Even better, Help to Grow is 90% funded by the government, so you only pay £750.