Four-star hotel will no longer house asylum seekers

An East Yorkshire hotel will reportedly not be used to house asylum seekers from this summer, as part of Government plans to find alternative accommodation instead.

The Government’s contract with the Humber View Hotel, in North Ferriby, will terminate in July.

The hotel, which is owned by LGH Hotels Management Ltd, began housing asylum seekers in November 2022 despite a legal challenge by East Riding of Yorkshire Council to block the move.

A Home Office spokesman said the Government was making progress in moving asylum seekers out of hotels. “We have already exited 100 hotels and we will exit more in the coming months,” he added.

MP for Haltemprice and Howden, Sir David Davis, told the BBC he was “glad the Home Office is finally seeing sense”.

He added: “The hotel has always been in entirely the wrong location for this kind of asylum accommodation.

“It has been an important local employer and contributor to the local economy by hosting weddings, conferences, and other events. I hope it can quickly return to being used for its intended purpose.”