Trio of hydrogen exploration contract wins for energy resource locator

Getech, a Leeds-based locator of subsurface resources, has won three separate contracts related to the exploration of natural hydrogen, which is also known as “geologic” or “white” hydrogen.

The first is a strategic joint venture exploration agreement with a new customer partner, while two additional contracts have been secured with existing exploration clients.

All three contracts are aimed at locating natural hydrogen resources for commercial development.

Combined, the deals are expected to generate £390,000 worth of revenue over three years.

Richard Bennett, CEO, said: “These transactions build on a good start to the current financial year and of course, further expand our expertise in helping our customers seek out natural hydrogen.

“We are also pleased to have signed another equity joint venture agreement with a leading energy company, supporting its search for this new but potentially game changing resource and sharing in the upside, if we are successful.”

The joint exploration agreement is with a major European headquartered global industrial and energy company and aims to locate and develop economic natural hydrogen accumulations.

The two additional contracts with existing exploration clients will involve screening for natural hydrogen and hydrogen storage projects in Eastern Europe and the USA.

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