No regrets – the entrepreneurial case for a stock market listing – on our Rainmakers platform

Raspberry Pi makes market debut

The float of successful float of computer kit maker Raspberry Pi has brought some much needed cheer to the London Stock Exchange.

We’re currently anticipating the float of Applied Nutrition, which is welcome news given the mauling the markets received when a glut of biotech businesses dramatically quit the market earlier this year.

This week on our Rainmakers platform we bring you accounts from three CEOs of smaller cap listed companies around the UK who seem content that they are in the right place and are riding the storm of a stock market listing.

In this week’s first subscriber only piece we spoke to Martin Higginson of Nottingham and Sheffield based Huddled Group, James Dow of DSW Capital and Charlotte Prior and Chris Hill from Northcoders about the ups and downs of running a listed business.

Our lively new Rainmakers platform has expanded nationally in its coverage of key deals and trends in the regional mergers and acquisitions market.

For just £10 a month, or £100 a year, our premium service covers longer stories that delve into more detail on the strategic decisions that businesses make when doing deals, be that selling, acquiring, floating or merging.

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Since launching in the North in March, Rainmakers has been well received, building a vibrant community who enjoy more detailed and lively approach to key issues affecting the regional M&A market.

As of last week,’s journalists across the country will be contributing stories and insights from their contacts.

We get lots of press releases where someone does a deal and everyone is “thrilled” or “delighted”. But Rainmakers looks to go further.

We also bring analysis of the volatile funding and advisory world – where private equity backed consolidators and major new entrants have shifted the tectonic plates.

We have taken readers behind the scenes of the last year at the key people who worked on the now cordial relationship between the Labour Party and the private equity world.

Now the General Election has been called, the endorsements and political relations between different specialist interest groups and the political parties are emerging.

Other recent topics of interest on Rainmakers have been – is the whole process of doing a deal just too slow and inefficient?

We’ve also looked at a couple of recent venture capital deals that appear to have bucked the trend and secured investment.

We have included a deep dive into the investment strategy of private equity investor Inflexion, in the light of their backing for global fitness business Ultimate Performance.

The link to that subscriber only piece is here.

We regularly take a closer look at some of the trends in the professional services market.

Other recent highlights have included a confessional from entrepreneur Jo Sellick who told his story about the profound sense of detachment and loss of purpose as his golden handcuffs loosened and his five year earn-out from selling the Sellick partnership to French services group Samsic.

Also, in readiness for the release of Welcome to Wrexham on Disney Plus, we shared the prequel story about how the oldest football club in Wales was briefly owned by a couple of Cheshire-based developers and ended up in a perilous state. And you’ll learn what a Dismal Jimmy is. What a tale.

We ran a big piece on the trend for carve out the week before, which has been the topic of much debate.


Here’s now this is works

On Friday, free to everyone who signs up, we’ll pull out a few of the completed deals from that week and look under the hood a bit more. We might even have an educated guess at some of the prices paid on all of the “undisclosed” prices on deals we get to hear about.


Try it out with a 14-day free trial

We have built RAINMAKERS on the well-established Substack platform, making the content easily and quickly available in an unfussy and elegant interface.

We have also been supported commercially by Grant Thornton.

Dan Rosinke, national head of transaction advisory at Grant Thornton, said: “We are supporting the launch of Rainmakers across the regions. Despite the challenging market conditions, we saw some outstanding deals across the region in 2023 and an increase in the number of processes in play in the second half of the year. This, coupled with pent up supply and demand for deals and private equity with capital to deploy, is setting the scene for a more buoyant M&A landscape in 2024.”


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