Inflatable greenhouse business set to impress

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TWO entrepreneurs from Leeds are hoping to impress gardening enthusiasts with their new venture importing inflatable greenhouses.

Daniel Newbould and Michael Fulton, who have the sole rights to import and distribute the German-made product throughout the UK, believe that the GreenSafe is set to revolutionise gardening.

Mr Newbould said: “The GreenSafe is portable, easy to put up and take down with the electrical pump provided and there is no need for a fixed foundation or permanent structure, which take up valuable space all year round.

“It is also insulated, which will protect plants from frosts and the changeable British weather.”

Mr Fulton said: “Our aim for the year is to raise the profile of The GreenSafe in the UK through both offline and online media and also by exhibiting at as many garden shows as possible throughout the year.

“We have already been to the Harrogate and Malvern flower shows and we will be going to Holker and Gardeners World flower shows in the next few weeks.”

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