Safety boost for Tissue Regenix

A NEW study underlines the safety of a blood vessel patch made from pig tissue, according to manufacturer Tissue Regenix.

The research followed 21 patients where the patches had been used and found two years later they had been integrated into their own veins.

Tissue Regenix has developed the patches that use technology that prevents the body from rejecting them.

David Russell, consultant vascular surgeon at Leeds General Infirmary, said: “The two year results for the Tissue Regenix dCELL vascular patch demonstrate it to be a safe and effective alternative for routine vascular use.”

Tissue Regenix is looking to use the same technology for products targeting other parts of the body, for example a dialysis graft for patients with kidney disease.

Antony Odell, managing director of Tissue Regenix, said: “Regenerative medicine is increasingly becoming a focus for the healthcare industry and stem cell companies are spending millions of pounds developing ways of handling and delivering stem cell treatments to patients.

“However, our patented technology shows that we can deliver treatments effectively but much more efficiently and potentially at a significantly lower cost.”