Leeds and Bradford top the league as businesses grab funding for faster web access

MORE than 375 businesses in Leeds and Bradford have been awarded vouchers worth over £800,000 to pay for hardware and internet connectivity installation costs since the Government’s Superconnected Cities programme was launched in February.

The two cities have seen more connections than any outside London, beating Cardiff, Belfast and Manchester as well as 16 others that are also part of the Superconnected Cities programme, which funds businesses to help them maximise their potential with faster web infrastructure.

“The offer of up to £3,000 of funding to improve your business is a compelling one, and we have seen over 90% of completed applications succeed in attracting awards of an average of £2,200 for IT hardware to enable connections to superfast services,” said Phil Cole, Leeds City Council’s head of business support.

SME businesses based in Leeds and Bradford postcodes are eligible.

“The improvements in productivity, reliability of access, and the new applications and technologies that can only be used with superfast connectivity, make it a no-brainer for businesses that want to compete with the best in the UK and further afield,” Cole added.

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