6 ways to attract recruiters on LinkedIn

Make yourself stand out from the rest on LinkedIn and make it easier for the recruiters to find you.

Understand how recruiters find you
Recruiters use Boolean search to pull up relevant LinkedIn profiles, so take a look at what keywords you’re using on your profile. If you’re a lawyer with a background in intellectual property, you need to make this clear so recruiters can see you from a mile off. Pick out keywords of your role and mention them throughout your profile, from your headline, summary and job title to skills. By doing so, you will be much easier to find on the site and you will rank higher than your peers.

Get endorsing 
You could spend your whole profile going on about how incredible you are at a certain skill. However, if you have no one to back up these skills, you could appear a little fake. Ask previous work colleagues and bosses to endorse you on LinkedIn and you’re more likely to appear near the top of a search.

Join groups and participate 
Recruiters often scan over groups to see who is getting involved and who could be a potential for roles they are hiring for. Join groups of your chosen industry and get talking to others. Not only will this help your personal brand, it will make you appear much more involved in what is happening in the industry and by getting involved in discussions, recruiters will find you easily.

Be more specific 
When describing a job role, go into detail and be more specific. Rather than saying that you did a few presentations, explain what you did and what the outcome was. If you are good at budgeting, explain a situation where this skill was used to your advantage. By just saying the basics, you aren’t mentioning your full potential and recruiters will get bored of your basic profile. However, there is no need to tell your life story or mention what you had for breakfast.

Keep it up to date 
You have probably heard this one before, but that is because it’s really important if you want to stand a chance against your peers on LinkedIn. Even if you are not currently looking for a new role, make sure you are staying active on the site as you don’t know what opportunities could come your way. Make sure your contact details, current job role and pictures are all up to date. Also, try posting regularly or even publish an article or two as this will make you look really on the ball.

Connect with recruiters 
There is no harm in sending a few recruiters a request to connect on LinkedIn. Search yourself to see if there are any around which specialise in recruitment in your industry and get in touch. Drop them a message saying that you are on the lookout for a new role and something could come by soon. However, don’t bombard them or connect with hundreds at a time, play it cool and don’t appear desperate as that will put them off you.

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