Benefits and Advantages of Having an ATS in Your Company

Benefits and Advantages of Having an ATS in Your Company
Discover the numerous benefits of ATS Software, including streamlined hiring, cost-effectiveness, improved collaboration, organised data management, and enhanced candidate experience.

Time management and thorough organisation are crucial in the fast-paced commercial sector. One situation in which this is crucial is during the employment process.

An applicant tracking system provides a comprehensive solution to the time-consuming, complicated, and often frustrating process of hiring new employees. This article takes a look at the potential benefits of incorporating an ATS into your company’s HR strategy.

Streamlining the Job-Search Procedure

By automating many of the tasks typically handled by HR, an ATS makes the entire hiring process much more manageable. The functions of an ATS include the management of job postings, candidate information, and interview scheduling. It also achieves other tasks.

This will usually result in a more streamlined and efficient process, saving your HR department a substantial amount of time.

The approach also ensures that all candidates have a uniform encounter, which can have a significant impact on whether they accept a position and if they go on to recommend the organisation to others. In addition to this, recruiters that use an applicant tracking system (ATS) report a substantial rise in the rate at which they hire prospects.

More efficient teamwork and less time spent training new hires

Teamwork is something that you simply can’t avoid in a company, and this is specially true when hiring a new staff member. Using an ATS can improve teamwork since it provides a central hub where everyone can easily access the same data. This will take away completely the need for unpleasant meetings and lengthy email chains, which speeds up the hiring process.

Besides this benefit, an efficient hiring procedure is ensured by a fully integrated applicant tracking system (ATS) that communicates with HR information. Tracking the job process from application to offer is another way it can improve the experience for candidates, something that can lead to higher acceptance rates.

By centralising hiring data and simplifying communication among team members, an ATS can also make the onboarding process smoother for new hires. This means less time spent on training, making them productive sooner and reducing overall costs for the company. Additionally, a streamlined onboarding process can also improve employee satisfaction and retention rates.

Affordable and efficient recruitment

Implementing an application tracking system can significantly reduce the cost per hire by streamlining the candidate screening process. Additionally, an ATS makes job postings, interview scheduling, assessments, offer management, and onboarding more simple and cost-effective for small businesses.

Recruiters who utilise one of these systems are 86% more likely to hire candidates within a specified time frame, providing more evidence of the ATS’s efficiency and value.

Administration of Structured Information Regarding Applicants

One of the main benefits of using an ATS is that it can organise the collection, storage, management, and tracking of massive amounts of candidate data. This facilitates the employment process and will ensure you’re compliant with any privacy regulations that may apply to your workplace.

In addition, the system’s efficient data management capabilities reduce the possibility of human error, leading to a more precise and trustworthy recruitment process overall.

Easier Processes for Potential Employees to Apply

Using an ATS is a great way to enhance the application process for potential candidates. By automating application processes, facilitating communication with candidates, and providing regular updates, this type of software can greatly improve a candidate’s view of your company.

If you’re able to give your candidates a pleasant experience, this will make a huge difference when trying to recruit and retain top talent in a competitive labour market.

What are the benefits of using Factorial’s applicant tracking system?

Factorial is a very competitive alternative to other application tracking systems that you should consider if you’re looking for an efficient and cost-effective solution for your recruiting needs.

Here are some of its main benefits:

  • Works perfectly well with job boards and career sites
  • Customisable application forms to match your company’s branding
  • Automated candidate screening and filtering based on specified criteria
  • Centralised candidate database

In any case, there is little doubt that incorporating an ATS into your company’s HR strategy will lead to a variety of beneficial consequences. Every business could benefit from using an ATS because it has the potential to enhance the candidate experience while also reducing time spent on the recruitment process.

Checking out Factorial’s application tracking system now could be the first step towards a better and more profitable hiring process. Try it out, and you won’t regret it!