Rank your CV in Google

Manchester based digital CV platform infoCV.co.uk has launched a powerful new initiative for job-seekers, by offering their subscribers the opportunity to rank their individual CV in Google search results.

Founder, Keith Robinson describes the concept; “it’s fairly simple – you want to rank for a combination of your job headline and location. So for myself its Portfolio Finance Director Manchester, and if you search that in Google my iCV is on the first page of the results”

“This provides job seekers / freelancers a very powerful tool to be found by prospective employers directly, and whilst we can’t guarantee anyone a specific ranking, we have built in some SEO tools for subscribers to enable them to rank very simply and quickly.”

infoCV provides candidates with an interactive on-line CV, which enables them to share digitally and instantaneously to contacts, or onto social media. This empowers users to promote themselves and find work directly without the use of traditional job boards or recruitment consultants.

Its free to try infoCV, and you can simply upload your existing CV into the digital format, immediately creating a visually appealing iCV. Upgrading to a professional subscription for as little as £10 per quarter or £25 per annum unlocks further features such as the Google optimisation. A privacy feature ensures that only intended recipients can access an iCV where confidentiality is sensitive.

Robinson and his technical team have worked with award winning agency, Aqueous Digital to build the Search Engine Optmisation into the platform.

infoCV was created in 2017 by local businessmen Keith Robinson and Paul Smith as a modern alternative to a traditional Microsoft Word CV and have been joined by industry expert Anthony Rose as Managing Director.


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